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The most value-for-money Online masters in computer science  for total fee of $6500

Do you work and want to get a master’s degree in computer sciences at the same time? Are you looking for the most cost-effective masters in computer science? This is where Georgia Tech comes in. Together with Udacity® and the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, Georgia Tech launched a new program offering  the first MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Sciences graduation based on the MOOCs format of teaching as the most cost effective degree as compared to other computer science degrees from other schools.

 What is computer science?

Programming and computing studies is computer science. A computer science degree will provide a basis for your later career choices such as coding or computer programming. This will enable you to appreciate the theory behind process in the development of computer programs and application.

The difference between computer science and information technology

Computer ScienceInformation Technology
• Focus on theory, algorithms, and software development.

• Emphasis on computational problem-solving and efficient algorithms.

• Theoretical and mathematical foundation.
Career roles include software developers, researchers, and data scientists.

• Involves creating software applications and solving complex computational problems.
• Focus on practical application of technology for information management.

• Emphasis on managing hardware, software, networks, and security.

• Practical and business-oriented education ,
Career roles include network administrators, IT managers, and cyber security specialists.

• It involves managing and maintaining IT infrastructure and providing technical support.

Admission criteria

Admitted OMSCS students should have a prior undergraduate background that includes the following preferred qualifications; a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field (usually mathematics, computer engineering or electrical engineering). However, other applicants who fail to fulfill this would be judged based on merit.
Admission requirements of all applicants, domestic and international:
• Before you can matriculate at Georgia Tech, the Institute requires that you must have earned the appropriate academic credentials: Evidence of Bachelor’s Degree awarded before matriculation, its equivalent or higher from a regionally accredited institution with demonstration of academic ability and experience in the specific field of interest for Graduate studies.

General admission requirements to online masters in computer science

DegreeCreditsDurationAdmission Requirements
Master’s degree30 credits1-2 yearsA bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field A GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Online Masters in computer science.

Georgia Tech College of computing

Program: MS in computer science

Tuition: $180 per credit hour

Accreditation: both the program and the school are accredited by SACSCOC.

Financial aid: Available, with 35% of the students receiving the aid.

The Master of Science in Computer Science (M.S. CS) program is a terminal degree program that prepares students for higher-paying jobs in industry.

Graduates obtain the MSCS after completing one of three program options as outlined in the program of study. Georgia Tech College of Computing is the most cost-effective online masters in computer science and students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from an authorized college are eligible for the program. Students having a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than computer science are invited to apply, with the understanding that they may be needed to complete remedial course work in addition to the M.S. CS degree requirements.

Job outlook for computer scientists

Computer and information research scientists jobs are expected to expand at an average rate of over two times as fast compared to the rest of job categories in the economy.

On a mean annual basis, about 3,400 employment opportunities for computer and information researchers every year during the ten years period is anticipated. These include those created through replacement, when people moving into other jobs or quitting, like retirement.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections Program

Highest paying jobs in computer science

They develop, support, and use computer applications, systems, and networks.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that overall employment in computer and information and technology related occupations was predicted to expand much more rapidly than the average growth rate for all occupations during 2022-2032 periods. There is an annual demand of about 377,500 new jobs in these occupations to compensate for job growth and a constant replacement of departing workers.

In May 2022, the median annual wage for individuals within this category was $100,530, which exceeded the national median annual wage of $46,310 for all occupations.

OccupationMedian Annual Wage
Computer and information research scientists$136,620
Computer network architects$126,900
Computer programmers$97,800
Computer support specialists$59,660
Computer systems analysts$102,240
Database administration and architects$112,120
Information security analysts$112,000
Network and computer systems administrators$90,520

Source: U.S. BLS

How good is Georgia Tech for a master’s degree in computer science?

The Computer Science program at Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the most highly sought-after and ranked courses in the country. Georgia Tech was ranked #19 for undergraduate computer science and #6 for graduate computer science by U.S. News & World Report in 2023.

What is the Georgia Tech MS CS admission rate?

OMSCS accepts all applicants who meet the program’s minimum requirements. So far, 74% of those who have applied have been accepted. In comparison, Georgia Tech’s on-campus program has an acceptance rate of around 10%.

Is a master’s degree in computer science worth it?

A master’s degree in computer science also leads to growth, in terms of career and salary. Nowadays, there is no dearth of such programs which can be completed as a part-time student, allowing one to take on prerequisites well before their start and seek for scholarships.

Flexibility in doing online masters is best suited for professionals who are programmers, web developers or software developers and hence will gain new skills that can be applied immediately in the place of work.

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