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Cheapest Online Degrees In Public Administration from $85 tuition credit per hour

Public Administration is a process that requires professionals of the field to execute crucial roles in maintaining law and order, managing municipal finances and overseeing civil rights. Public Administrators also see to it that the efficiency of public services such as transport, health services, etc. are functioning as it should. Graduates that have a degree […]

35 Cheap online degrees in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is a lucrative field, and as a result, the demand for healthcare professionals is growing. ​In fact, BLS projects a favorable job outlook of 28% for healthcare administrators and managers, with Healthcare managers with a few years of experience getting a median annual pay of $104,280. What is Healthcare Management? Healthcare management is […]

34 Cheapest Online Artificial Intelligence Degrees from $125 Per Credit

Artificial intelligence has generated significant buzz and intrigue in recent years with its increasing popularity in the world of technology and science. A.I. has many applications, including intelligent home appliances and computers that can talk and play games with people as well as search the internet autonomously. The demand for A.I. engineers continues to grow, […]

35 Cheapest Online Degrees In Mass Communications Starting At $100 Per Credit Hour

The world today is digitalized, especially when it comes to mass communication and media. The function of a media specialist is necessary for the entertainment industry, intellectual property, and in many other fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in media and communications is expected to increase by an estimated 14% quicker […]

33 Cheapest online degrees in public healthcare administration.

In public health administration, organizational and administrative skills are combined with public health objectives. It is primarily concerned with the business and organizational aspects of public health endeavours rather than the more hands-on aspects of the field. Whether educating communities about common health issues or preventing the spread of new viruses, public health administrators make […]

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