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13 Accredited Online Degrees in Construction Management

Explore comprehensive online construction management degrees, designed for both students and working adults seeking to start a career or excel in the dynamic construction industry. Learn the intricacies of planning projects, allocating resources, and leading effectively. What is Construction Management? Construction management is a vital discipline in the construction industry that involves coordinating, planning, and […]

Accredited Online Masters degrees in Conflict Management and Resolution

What is conflict management and resolution? Conflict management and resolution professionals play a crucial role in fostering constructive approaches to conflict, thereby enabling groups, societies, and cultures to harness its positive and creative possibilities. By utilizing various insights and tools, these experts aim to steer individuals away from destructive and violent tendencies often associated with […]

Online MBA from Indiana University .

Online MBA From Indiana University Bloomington The online MBA program at Indiana University Bloomington’s Kelley School of Business is intended to give working individuals a flexible and convenient way to acquire their MBA. The program is structured yet flexible, allowing students to balance their education with personal and professional obligations. Students interact with multimedia course […]

22 Accredited Online Psychology Programs in Virginia

What is Psychology? Psychology delves into many aspects of human mental processes, emotions, motives, and interactions. Psychologists use research methodologies and theories to gain a better understanding of individual and group behavior, cognitive processes, developmental patterns, and mental health. what is a Psychology Major? Psychology is a practical degree that can prepare students for graduate […]

33 affordable online political science degrees

33 Cheapest Online Political Science Degrees from $41.67 per credit Acquiring an online political science degree will help launch graduates across various fields including politics, education, non-profit, journalism and more. A typical coursework entails understanding political ideologies, institutions, policies, law, political ideas and the systems in a government.   After completing the degree, graduates will […]

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