5 Cheapest Kinesiology Degrees starting at $5,970/year

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. A Kinesiology degree can give you a foundation in understanding how people move and how their movements affect their health, performance, and wellbeing.

Here is an overview of the cheapest degrees in Kinesiology available in 2022.

1. Brigham Young University-Provo (B.Y.U.)

Tuition and Fees: $5,970 (in-state) $5,970 (out of state)

B.Y.U. offers Kinesiology studies through the following programs:

  • Master Of Athletic Training degree (clinical, research optional),
  • M.S. in Exercise Sciences degree (thesis required),
  • Ph.D. in Exercise Sciences degree (dissertation required).

 Master of Athletic Training degree

The Master of Athletic Training degree from Brigham Young University prepares students to become leaders in the athletic training profession. Students will be able to meet the requirements for certification as a Registered Athletic Trainer by taking advantage of various educational opportunities, including lectures and laboratory courses, seminars, examinations, independent study, and clinical education assignments. Students receive assignments to work with preceptors at various clinical experiences, including an eight-week immersive internship.

M.S. Exercise Sciences

The MS in Exercise Sciences program is an excellent option for students who want to study how to strengthen both body and spirit. The program is designed to help students attain, advance, and share knowledge in the area of human performance and exercise, injury and rehabilitation, and wellness.

The coursework is divided into four categories: Human Exercise Science, Injury and Rehabilitation Sciences, Wellness Sciences, and Cross-Disciplinary Research. Students may choose from a variety of elective courses within each category.

In addition to coursework, students must conduct independent research as part of their degree program. They also can participate in cross-disciplinary research with faculty members who work in nutrition science.

Ph.D. in Exercise Sciences

This degree program prepares students for leadership at the highest level of their profession. Students are well acquainted with the scientific literature and can teach college courses and do independent research.

The Ph.D. in exercise sciences students can become university or college faculty prepared in the scientific bases of exercise science and can lead research on a wide range of topics related to human health and performance enhancement. BYU is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (C.A.A.T.E.) offering both online and in-campus studies.

2. University of Florida

Tuition and Fees: $6,381 (in-state), $28,659 (Out of state)

Degree: The Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology at the University of Florida is a flexible program designed to give students a foundation in traditional Exercise Physiology. This degree provides options for personal tailoring in the upper division and allows students to choose classes that focus on techniques and anatomical aspects of the movement as well as exercise programming.

Students interested in preparing for graduate school or other post-baccalaureate programs in health sciences can choose classes with clinical and advanced physiological content. Students who want to focus on fitness, wellness, and allied health professions may choose courses that focus on exercise programming and techniques. This program requires additional coursework in the biological aspects of exercise.

University of Florida accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The College offers online and in campus programs.

3. Florida State University

Tuition and Fees: $6,517 (in-state) $21,683 (out of state)

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is the science of ways in which the body functions during exercise and how nutrition impacts that function. This program explores anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and metabolism to help you understand why exercise is so essential for your body.

Florida State University’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology program is unique because it’s the first university to offer a curriculum that combines nutrition and exercise physiology. The program prepares students for graduate studies in exercise physiology and post-graduate training programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic, physician assistant, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. If you’re not interested in going into any of those fields, it’ll still prepare you for a future as a personal trainer or health fitness instructor.

The Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology degree program requires that students complete 52 hours of credit, have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, and have already fulfilled half the required General Education hours, including English composition and mathematics. Students must also achieve a grade of B-minus or higher in HUN 1201.

This program is designed for people who want to work as exercise physiologists or personal trainers. It gives them the skills they need to help clients improve their health through physical activity and exercise. The curriculum includes wellness and Risk Reduction, Nutrition and Sport, Sport Psychology, Physical Activity and Health, Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, research methods in physical education/exercise science, and many more. FSU offers both  online degrees and distance learning programs.

4. Iowa State University

Tuition and Fees: $9,316. (In-State) $24,504 (Out of State)

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health

 The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health at Iowa State University aims to promote wellbeing and health by creating and disseminating knowledge about physical activity and active living. Students are prepared by the program to be scholars and professionals in the study of physical activity at the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are educated in the scientific aspects of physical activity, especially exercise, sport, and the role of movement throughout their lifespan. The general education component is designed to promote intellectual and personal growth and prepare students for success in the basic, advanced, and major/option components.

Academic options offered with the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health degree

  1. Community and Public Health
  2. Exercise Science
  3. Physical Activity and Health Promotion
  4. Physical Education Teacher Education
  5. Pre-Health Professions

ISU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers online and on-campus courses.

5. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Tuition and Fees: $10,358(in-state) $24,086 (out of state)

The School of Kinesiology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a top-notch program that prepares students for various career opportunities and opens doors to networking at regional and national events. Students understand the in’s-and-out of operating sports-related businesses and how to stay physically and mentally active throughout their studies.

Students stay active, physically and mentally. They participate in various research experiences that open doors for them to network at sports events by presenting what they have learned.

The program has six stellar concentration options: Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology/Health Promotion, Exercise Science/Preventive Medicine, Physical Education/Coaching, Sports Management/Administration, and Strength & Conditioning/Fitness Management.

Degree programArea of Focus
Kinesiology, B.S., Health & PE Gr K-12Educational and developmental psychology,  biology, biomechanics, technology in health and kinesiology, anatomy, motor behavior and control, physiology, coaching, and more.
Kinesiology, B.S., Exercise Science Fitness StudiesExercise programming and health aspects of exercise science. Coaching, strength and conditioning, commercial fitness, or hospital-based wellness.
Kinesiology, B.S., Exercise Science Pre-Professional StudiesCardiac rehabilitation, physician assistant,  physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, medical, or graduate school. Emphasis is placed on exercise science’s basic science (anatomy, physiology) aspects.
Kinesiology, B.S., Health Promotion and WellnessEnvironmental health,  world health issues, stress, nutrition, organization funding strategies, marketing, management, and professional writing.
Kinesiology, B.S., Pre-Athletic TrainingFocus on clinical settings including professional sports, collegiate athletics, middle and secondary school athletics, industrial, hospitals and clinics, performing arts, public safety, military, and occupational health.
Kinesiology, B.S., Sport Managementfocuses on teaching fitness and wellness alongside communication, finance, and management

The ULL is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC). The university also offers online and in campus courses.

**These tuition and fees costs include one year of academic instruction but do not cover room and board.**

Courses in a Kinesiology Bachelor’s Program

Kinesiology degrees are available at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. A bachelor’s degree is an excellent way to get started in the field, especially if you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer or another fitness-related job. A bachelor’s program can also help you pursue a master’s degree in kinesiology if your career goals require further study.

Kinesiology courses generally cover human movement sciences, including anatomy and physiology of exercise, motor learning; biomechanics; sport psychology, and motor rehabilitation techniques for injury prevention or recovery from injury. Kinesiology students often have the opportunity to earn certifications through their coursework or by taking specialty courses on topics such as nutrition counseling or first aid training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.), physical therapists earn a median salary of $95,620 per year.

Occupational health and safety professionals have a much higher demand because of the growing population and aging workforce.

If you are interested in kinesiology, consider pursuing a career in any of the following high-demand fields:

  • Personal trainer. A personal trainer can be a great way to use your knowledge and skills in Kinesiology. If you love health and fitness, this could be a good option for your career path.
  • Athletic trainer. An athletic trainers may also do well with their education as they know how the body works and what it takes to stay healthy while being active. This type of job is very different from most others because it’s all about being on the field with athletes helping them recover from injuries or prevent injury through exercise routines or nutrition plans that align with their specific needs for each sport they participate in.
  • Rehabilitation specialist/physical therapist assistant (P.T.A.). With this kind of degree program under your belt, there are many opportunities available within this field, such as working at hospitals helping patients recover from surgery or injury; working with special needs adults who require physical therapy services due to various reasons like stroke recovery; working with geriatric patients who need assistance getting around safely due to an illness like Parkinson’s disease; helping patients gain strength after recovering from cancer treatment such as chemotherapy treatment etcetera!

What is the job outlook for a Kinesiology degree?

For a career in Kinesiology, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) predicts an increase of 22% between 2014 and 2024. This is an average increase for all careers, but it’s good news if you’re planning on becoming a physical therapist or athletic trainer. The B.L.S. predicts that the number of physical therapists will increase by 28% between 2014 and 2024, while athletic trainers will increase by 18%.

If you’re interested in helping others improve their performance and health through movement, consider earning a kinesiology degree. It’s a rewarding career that can offer you many growth opportunities.

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