10 Cheapest Online Degrees in Supply Chain Management Starting at $458 Per Credit

The active management of supply chain activities to optimize customer value and generate sustained competitive advantage is understood as supply chain management (SCM). It’s an intentional effort by supply chain companies to construct and run supply chains most effectively and efficiently feasible. Development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems required to coordinate these activities, are all covered by supply chain activities.

As business spreads globally, with producers on one side of the globe and consumers on the opposite, with a million stops in between, good supply chain managers are worth their weight in gold. Unsurprisingly, Supply Chain Management could be a developing field, with median salaries within the $70,000s and a projected rate of up to 22%, in step with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, many working people in relevant business professions return to school to complete their education.

Types of degrees available in supply chain management

DegreeCreditGeneral Program Length
Associate degree60 creditsTwo years
Bachelor’s degree120-127 creditsFour years
Master’s degree30 credits of coursework and a research paperTwo years
Doctorate55 to 60 credits and thesisThree and a half to five years

 Here is an outline of the most cost effective degrees in supply chain management available in 2022.

University of Maryland University College

The University of Maryland University College, which began as a component of the University of Maryland’s course of study program, grew in popularity to the purpose where it became a definite institution within the 1970s. It’s become one in every of the foremost well-known online instructors within the twenty-first century. UMUC offers a web Master of Science in Management degree with a spotlight in Acquisition and provide  Chain Management, which prepares students for careers within the fast-paced, worldwide field of commerce. It is the cheapest of all bargains, at only $458 per credit.

Friends University

Friends University is a private, nondenominational Christian institution affiliated with the Society of Friends in Wichita, Kansas (Quakers). Friends University, like many other colleges and universities in its class – small, Christian, subject field– has found some way to expand its reach by offering online degrees.

Friends offer numerous online business degrees, including a Master of Business Administration with a level in Supply Chain Management. Friends’ program will be completed in 3 or 4 semesters while continuing to figure full-time and prepares graduates for positions across the business world. Prior life or professional experience could even be used for two courses’ worth of credit, reducing the cost even more than the low $462 per credit.

Georgia College and State University

For almost 40 years, Georgia College and State University are the sole university in Georgia to produce degrees in logistics and supply chain management. The Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree offered online by GCSU is just 30 credit hours long and should be finished in a year and a half if you are employed full time. This cohort-format program places students in a group throughout the program, allowing them to ascertain professional relationships and assist each other during the method, almost like an on-campus program. It is a steal to start out a long-term career for less than $467 per credit.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University As an adult-education college, it was formed in 1966. This commitment has stayed constant throughout Bellevue’s history, and therefore the school has grown to become a widely known supplier of online degrees for working adults and other non-traditional students. In its U.S. News & World Report-acclaimed online format, Bellevue University offers a Master of Science in Acquisitions and Contract Management (a version on Supply Chain Management) for under $525 per credit.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

The University of Nebraska is a top-ranked national university by U.S. News & World Report, with its online degree programs rated even higher. A 48-credit hour Master of Business Administration emphasis in Supply Chain Management is accessible through the United Nations’ Online Worldwide. Nebraska’s online MBA program, instead of an M.S., will provide a stronger foundation in business strategy and theory, giving graduates a broad understanding of business and economics beyond their field. However, you do not need a business degree to acknowledge that Nebraska’s $531 per credit could be a bargain.

University of Michigan – Dearborn

A regional public university’s principal aim is to produce  inexpensive educational options to the region’s people. However, many regional institutions have recognized that offering online degree programs allows them to achieve a wider audience while lowering costs. As a result, the University of Michigan-Dearborn offers a spread of online programs, including a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management from the faculty of Business. It is a good degree at an occasional price, at $633 per credit.

Portland State University

As one of the 30 best online business graduate degree programs by U.S. News & World Report, Portland State University knows business and technology. Portland State, headquartered in Portland, OR, may be a central hub of technology and might draw upon a wealth of qualified, knowledgeable faculty to form its Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management degree a top-tier option. At $638 per credit, this 56-credit online program will put graduates some steps prior their competition on the duty market, and non-Washington state residents pay only some dollars more.

University of Wisconsin at Platteville

The Institution of Wisconsin at Platteville, like UM-Dearborn, could be a regional public university established to supply education to the citizens of Wisconsin. However, within the 1990s, U.W. Platteville made several significant modifications that helped them become a household name in online education. The primary revised its distance education policies to let students from any state pay the identical price for courses – currently $650 per credit. Second, they started offering fully online degrees in 1999, when most other colleges debated whether online education was a fad. A Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management can now be earned online from a pioneering institution.

Fontbonne University

Fontbonne University, a tiny low Catholic university in Clayton, Missouri, makes its high-quality education available to a broader audience than it’d otherwise through a strong online curriculum. For less than $679 per credit, online students are able to do a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, an inexpensive price for personal Catholic education.

Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology, a non-public STEM university in Melbourne, FL, could be a highly renowned institution specializing in degree programs that guarantee career success and a healthy wage. FIT provides a master’s degree in supply chain management that will be done entirely online in but two years. While FIT’s tuition is quite another schools on this list, an MS-SCM degree’s opportunities within the business and public sectors make it a sound investment.

What is the job outlook for a supply chain management degree?


Companies and government organizations increasingly depend on logisticians to transport products more effectively, solve problems, and find out areas for development; therefore, job opportunities for logisticians are projected to expand. These people are needed as e-commerce grows to help with the complicated logistics involved, like just-in-time delivery to customers. Furthermore, as more things are ordered online, delivery timeliness will become critical to a company’s competition, driving up demand for logisticians.

Career Benefits

  • Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management are the fastest-growing fields nationwide.
  • About the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of logisticians is projected to grow 30 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the typical for all occupations. Supply Chain is that the Pandemic’s Must-Have Degree.

*Percent change in employment, projected 2020-30

  • According to Bloomberg, Supply Chain Management is where firms are putting their focus, and students recognize the chance.   

Exciting Statistics:

Graduates with an M.S. in Supply Chain Management had a mean base salary of $77,000 a year.

From 2020 to 2030, demand for supply chain management professionals is predicted to extend by 30%., much faster than the typical for all professions (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Entry requirements for supply chain management

The following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled to urge admission in an M.S. in Supply Chain Management syllabus within the USA:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science, Engineering or Computer science with around 85% or B grade or a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • GMAT/GRE score: As per the university criteria, it varies
  • English language proficiency requirements: IELTS/TOEFL with a minimum score of 6.5 and 70, respectively
  • Work experience, if any; is preferred but not mandatory
  • The online application form and charges are filled out through the university website
  • An impressive resume or CV

How long does it take to get a supply chain management degree?

A bachelor’s degree is completed in four years and typically require 120 to 127 credits.

What is the salary for a supply chain management degree holder?

The average Supply Chain Manager salary within the U. S. is $117,740 as of May 27, 2022. Still, From 2020 to 2030, demand for supply chain management professionals is predicted to extend by 30%.range typically falls between $103,439 and $134,165. Salary contents can vary widely looking on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and also the number of years you have got spent in your profession. In the United States, there’s lots of opportunity for logistics and supply chain specialists. Completing a Master’s degree, in line with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, could also be advantageous. By 2022, salaries may have increased by 22%.

Let’s examine the various career roles and their wages after completing a Master’s in Supply Chain Management within the United States:

Job RoleAverage Annual Salary (in USD)
Supply Chain Manager 117,740 
Supply Chain Analyst65,870
Operations Manager67,023
Procurement Manager123,200
Purchasing Manager123,174

What can you do with a bachelor’s in supply chain management?

Supply chain management professionals are needed in almost every industry. By earning an online supply chain management bachelor’s degree, graduates develop the knowledge and skills to accumulate, organize and deliver an array of products and services. Graduates are prepared to figure in various industries, including industry, government, and business.

  •   Logistician: Logisticians are answerable for ensuring that goods make it from the supplier to the consumer as efficiently as possible. They oversee activities like purchasing, transportation, and warehousing. While some jobs in logistics are receptive to those with an associate’s degree, most require a degree.
  • Operations Manager: Operations managers are generally answerable for overseeing the production and delivery of goods to the customer. They will manage purchasing, manufacturing, storage, transportation, and adherence to safety rules and regulations. A bachelor’s degree is usually required in supply chain management or another relevant field.
  •   Purchasing manager, buyer, or purchasing agent: Professionals in purchasing – whether managers, buyers, or agents – are liable for buying goods or contract services for his or her organization to use or sell to other customers. A bachelor’s degree and work experience are required to attain many procurement manager positions.
  •  Supply chain manager: Supply chain managers coordinate all or a part of an organization’s supply chain, from communicating and dealing with suppliers to drafting and maintaining policies associated with inventory. These professionals must have a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management or business administration. Though this job may be synonymous with logistician, logistics can be considered a part of the supply chain.

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